Watch House International can provide both domestic and international responses inclusive of:

  • Certified Fire Investigators (CFI)
  • Certified Explosives Specialists (CES)
  • Fire Protection Engineers (FPE)
  • Electrical Engineers (EE)
  • Mechanical Engineers (ME)
  • Forensic Chemists
  • Forensic Auditors
  • Profilers
  • Forensic Mappers
  • Digital Investigations
  • Forensic Fingerprint Analysis

Watch House International offers a full line of fire or explosives related products, to include, but not limited to: Origin and Cause, training, subrogation assistance, product liability defense, risk management and loss prevention, litigation consultation, trial preparation and "cold-case" investigative work.

Learn more about our origin and cause services:

Origin and Cause Services - (Online viewing.)
Origin and Cause Services - (Printable version.)

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