Our Mission

To provide the best Origin and Cause determinations possible by using the most qualified investigators available and by following the most current protocols for fire and explosives investigations.

Our Work Product

We pride ourselves in our constant communication with our clients.  We assign an investigator within one hour of receiving the assignment and maintain the communication throughout the examination process.  We will communicate with the client’s point of contact at each critical step of the examination process.  Information is critical in the claims file process, and we go out of our way to keep our clients informed and in charge of their file.  After verbally briefing our POC’s, we will tailor any necessary written reports to meet our client’s needs, from a synopsis report, to a summary report , to a full report, we will coordinate with our POC to ensure they have everything they need in their file.

Our Methodology

We employ only the best fire investigators in the country who follow the most current industry guidelines.  We recruit our investigators based upon their reputation in the industry and then vet them to ensure they fit our model of excellence and customer service.  All of our investigators have been certified as experts in court and none have been excluded from testifying relating to their knowledge or expertise.  Our investigators follow the basic tenants as set forth in the most current edition of NFPA 921 and 1033, and have therefore never lost a Daubert/Frye expert challenge.