Our Investigators

Watch House International utilizes a team of certified investigators handpicked because of their level of training, education, and experience.  We recruit those individuals with the highest professional standards and reputation.  At a minimum, all of our investigators are certified as Fire Investigators by the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) and comply with the standards as set forth in NFPA 1033.  Our team of investigators are trained to take the fire or explosion incident from the scene to the courtroom.  The ability to convey and testify to the findings from a scene is critical.  That is why all of our investigators are trained to offer their expert opinions and courtroom testimony based upon their scene investigations and are able to pass a Daubert or Frye test in court.  Watch House has retained legal counsel with specific knowledge of the fire investigation field to assist both our investigators with any legal issues or challenges, and also to assist our clients with the preparation for any legal issues that may potentially arise from a claim.

Our investigators consist of former ATF CFI’s, State and local police and fire investigators and the highest quality private sector investigators available.  Individually or collectively they have led fire and explosive-related investigations in some of the world’s most news-worthy incidents.  They have perfected criminal prosecutions against serial arsonists, determined the origin and cause of thousands of fires with losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars, lead the way in practice and protocol development for today’s Certified Fire Investigator.

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